Project Background
Driver's License Instructional Materials

This project is the ongoing result of a cooperative venture. It has received assistance from Governor Tucker's office. Colonel Rail and Major Causey, at the Arkansas State Police Headquarters in Little Rock have actively supported it, even supplying copies of all current state driver's exams so that we could make sure that questions similar to theirs would occasionally show up in our tests. (Rumor has it that if you take hundreds of tests created by this program, you will eventually see every question from the Arkansas exam . . . . but each time you see one, it will be different!)

A 353 grant from the Adult Education Division of the State Department of Education provided almost half of the initial funding. John Knoderer, a Northwest Arkansas computer professional, provided over half of the initial resources for this project. A small amount of resources was provided by Spavinaw Literacy Council, a non-profit educational organization which coordinated and administered this project.

A request for actual examinations from other states

State officials are invited to send copies of their examinations (with answers, too, please). We will treat these materials as if they are covered under a non-disclosure agreement, but will make sure that our published materials, both here on the Internet, and in computer program form, agree with your rules and regulations. We will not use your tests as supplied, but will add variations of some of your questions to our computer program, so that residents of your states can benefit from our programs. We have already heard back from teachers in Arkansas that their students have vastly benefited from this project. We would like to benefit your students, also.

A request for further funding from other organizations

Funding for this project ran out on June 30, 1996. However, we are committed to continuing this project for the indefinite future. If your organization supports our goals, we welcome your funding, for the future of all our citizens. Please send your donations to:

John Knoderer
P O Box 235
Sulphur Springs, AR 72768 USA

If you would like to see some of the other educational and recreational materials that John is "cooking up", the do check out


If you have any questions about this project, you may call John Knoderer at 1-479-BYTEMAN (298-3626).